In-game Settings

Let’s take a look at the In-game settings in CS:GO. The place where you get the most out of your options and the best shot at boosting your FPS.

Open your CS:GO and head to the Video Settings. Look at the screenshot below to get a quick view over the best settings. For a more in-depth description of the settings, take a look below the picture.

  • Global Shadow Quality

This setting controls the quality of shadows. For best FPS set to Very Low. Setting it to High will help you seeing shadows of players and is recommended if your PC can handle it.

  • Model / Texture Detail

This setting controls the quality of all the 3D models in the game. Since the quality of your opponents jeans or shirt doesn’t matter to you, set it to Low.

  • Effect Detail

This setting overall controls the beauty of the game. If you are looking to gain FPS, set this to Low. If you have a decent PC, you can turn it up a notch and it’ll help you see enemies clearer on long range.

  • Shader Detail
This setting controls the quality of water, bricks and glass. Set this to Low. Even though your PC can handle it, high quality glass makes it harder to see your enemies.
  • Multicore Rendering

This setting must always be Enabled. It allows the game to use more than one Core on your CPU.

  • Multi sampling Anti-Aliasing Mode

This setting tears a lot on the FPS. Increasing this setting makes the game look more smooth with softer edges. set it too None for best FPS.

  • Texture Filtering Mode

This setting filters textures and doesn’t really affect the look. Keep it at Bilinear.

  • FXAA Anti-Aliasing

This setting finds edges in the game and makes them softer. This influences the FPS a lot and should be set to Disabled.

  • Wait for Vertical Sync

This setting is only relevant if you are struggling with really low fps. Are you around the 50-100 fps on average, set in on Enabled, otherwise Set to Disabled.

  • Motion Blur

Motion blur is a fancy effect that blurs the screen when you look in a new direction. It takes FPS and limits your view when turning fast. Set to Disabled.