Although the latest NVIDIA drivers always promises better performance and new fixes, this might not always be the case.

Many users have throughout the many versions of NVIDIA drivers, reported dives in performance and even bugs leading to a game being unplayable. That’s why you should consider trying out other drivers than your current one if the game isn’t running as smooth as you’d like. We cannot recommend any specific drivers since it affects builds differently, but rolling back a few versions might help.

DDU - Display Driver Uninstaller

We recommend you to use DDU when uninstalling your drivers to get a proper cleanup of anything driver related. This works with any GPU but remember to read instructions carefully before uninstalling anything with the software.

But which driver should i try?

As mentioned earlier, each build works differently with each driver, so all we can recommend is for you to try going back and test different drivers.

We do however see many users in the community report that drivers such as 388.13, 391.35 and 378.92 have been working wonders for them compared to the newer drivers.

On the counterpart, other users have reported that updating to latest drivers has helped their perfomance a lot.

So in conclusion, you’ll have to take some time out your schedule and test different versions until you find the perfect match.

Otherwise, head to the Nvidia driver forums and look for topics that discuss the single drivers and their effect on the game or ask in our forum.