In-game Settings

Let’s take a look at the In-game settings in PUBG. The place where you get the most out of your options and the best shot at boosting your FPS.

Open your PUBG and head to the Video Settings. Look at the screenshot below to get a quick view over the best settings. For a more in-depth description of the settings, take a look below the picture.

  • Anti-Aliasing

Set this to Low.

  • Post-Processing

This just adds a little bit more graphics to buildings and the plants. Set it to Very Low

  • Shadows

Shadows can really tear on the FPS. Set it to Very Low. However, it can be easier to see enemies with shadows on medium and will give you an advantage.

  • Texture

This won’t tear as much on the FPS and gives the game a nice look. Set it to Medium.

  • Effects
If you have a low-end GPU, set this to Low. However, most GPU’s can handle higher settings, so test for yourself.


  • Foliage

This setting should be set to Very Low no matter your PC specs since it gives you an advantage to have less foilage resulting in less chances of your enemies blending in.

  • View Distance

This is self explanatory and is a setting that controls the View Distance. Set it to Low. It can be increased if your PC has the build to handle it as it helps seeing on longer distances.

  • Motion Blur

This creates a blur when you turn around and should be set to Off since it hinders your chances of spotting enemies when turning.

  • V-Sync

Limits your FPS. Set to Off.